Expert Academic Copyediting in
Finance, Economics, & Accounting

“Just wanting to thank you for the excellent work on our manuscript which has now been
accepted for publication by the journal.” – Z. M.,  Emerging Markets Review

“Thank you very much for making it within the short time window and the excellent quality.”
S. P. – European Journal of Finance

Speciality topics include COVID-19 economic impacts, emerging market economies (especially China), CSR, ESG, sustainability, climate finance,
accounting control mechanisms & disclosures, quantitative finance, fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrency, information theory, and more.

How Can We Help You?

“Ideally, copyeditors set right whatever is incorrect, unidiomatic, confusing, ambiguous, or inappropriate without attempting to impose their stylistic preferences or prejudices on the author.” – The Copyeditor’s Handbook (Einsohn and Schwartz, 2019)

When you submit your work to be accepted for publication in the most reputable journals, you need to make a good impression. That means your writing must be clear, succinct, and, above all, credible.

When you entrust your work with us for copyediting, we will go through every single word with great care. 

We eliminate awkward English, misused words and idioms, confusing terminology, errors in consistency, repetitiveness, poor formatting, and other issues that make you appear as anything other than a highly seasoned and polished author. 

Your work will be copyedited to the highest standards that can only come from years of experience, an advanced education in mathematics and computing, a solid international background, and an unfailing drive for perfection.

Don’t let you work get rejected because of a poor first impression. Get a free quote and editing sample to you see exactly how your writing can shine!